The Price Of Freedom

by B Hickerson



One of my first students in public school was a kid who I also knew in the youth group at my church and he ended up going to the first Gulf War. When he came back we got together a couple times and talked and this song grew from that. It's not biographical, but it's my thoughts about what happens in some soldiers lives... it's the memories of meeting some of the guys my dad served's the young people I've known who have "gone away" and what I hear about the incredible and sometimes ultimate price that many pay in their lives.

My dad was a soldier and I was an Army brat - grew up on Army posts from Ft. RIley, KS to Ft. Belvoir, VA. Dad was in Vietnam when I was in kindergarten and again when I was in 2nd grade so the life of a soldier and their family was very real to me. We have a helmet he sent back from France in WWII when a sniper made a hole in the top - it was that close. If you're a service member I salute you! That's my mom and dad on the tank in the deserts of California where my dad was training before WWII.

The clips in this video contain many family and friend pics.


A 19 year old private
left college his freshman year
he signed up to serve his country
now he tries to hide his fear
he and his band of brothers
are close
as any that he's known
they get on a big jet airplane
and it takes them from their home

he goes to fight for freedom
he walks through the gates of hell
innocence and dreams are lost
in ways no words can tell
he learns the lessons learned by those
who've walked this road before
he learns for himself
the price of freedom

he watches children playing
in the street kinda like back home
he thinks about friends and family
and it makes him feel alone
his muscles tense as he hears that sickening sound
of trouble near
he turns to run
but there's no where to hide
from the moment he most fears


a lotta good friends were lost that day
they died a long way from home
he'll carry their memories always
cause he was one of the "lucky ones"

a 21 year old man wakes up
back home now - so they say
he thinks about all the plans he had
before he went away
those big plans and his bank account
they're gone now like a dream
he'll be glad to find a steady job
he'll be glad to find some peace



released February 14, 2016
I recorded this at home, used drum tracks for percussion, sang and played the guitars including the GR-55 guitar syntheizer. Mixing and Mastering was done by George Dykes at his Cedar Wood Studios in Luther, OK.



all rights reserved


B Hickerson Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I was an Army brat moving every 2 years growing up until we settled in Coalgate, OK where i went to high school. College in Ada and Edmond. I've lived in Midwest CIty, OK most of my life. Played in very small clubs in college and mostly in church after that. Lanada & I married in 2001 & with her on keyboard we've played together since. We continue to write and play when we can. ... more

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