Journey To The Past

by B Hickerson



Written in 2015 this is my first bossa nova. Recorded in Lawton, OK by my buddy Al Berry.The song began life as a chord progression with the Am9 that I really liked and then evolved into the story. My wife had been talkin about an old boy friend who she ran into at work about the same time so looking back that was in my head. It's not specifically about anybody, more about the experience of looking back at relationships that are part of your past. High Fidelity anyone?


Journey to the past

Lovely to see you baby
Why dont you stop
And talk a while
Where you been keepin yourself
Its great to see your smile

Ive been thinkin' about you
Seems like its been a long long time
Your sure lookin good these days
But you always did look fine

And how time flies
Life can change so fast
When your eyes met mine
It took me on a journey to the past

Remember that corner cafe
We'd stop for coffee every day
Until the weekend came
Then wed be sleepin late

We were so close back then
Its like We could read each others minds
How do things like that change
It all was so sublime


Life goes on
Isn't that
They say
But Sometimes i still get sad
When i think
What we let
Slip away

I see that ring on your finger
You mean that guy from your hometown
I hope he makes you happy
Looks like you're settling down

I met someone a while back
Were seeing each other
more and more
Id like to think its gonna last
But ive been wrong before


released February 6, 2016
Al Berry - Bass and electronic percussion
B Hickerson - Vocal, Rhythm Guitar and Telecaster lead



all rights reserved


B Hickerson Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I was an Army brat moving every 2 years growing up until we settled in Coalgate, OK where i went to high school. College in Ada and Edmond. I've lived in Midwest CIty, OK most of my life. Played in very small clubs in college and mostly in church after that. Lanada & I married in 2001 & with her on keyboard we've played together since. We continue to write and play when we can. ... more

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